Will L-Arginine + Zinc increase semen?

Will L-Arginine + Zinc increase semen?

increase low sperm count

I have heard that L-Arginice + Zinc increases the amount of semen and the ejaculation is more powerful. Does anybody know if this is true or not?


  1. Yes, there are medical studies to support that both L-Arginine and Zinc can help increase semen | sperm and also strengthen erections. In fact both these ingredients are found in some popular semen enhancing supplements for men.

    I’ve tried some supplements containing these ingredients and yes, there seems to be some improvement in the volume of ejaculation and even sperm count(did a test).

    But how your own body respond to the ingredients is also important as not everyone is the same. So if it works for me, it does not mean it will work for you.

    Anyway, there is no harm trying it out yourself.

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