Will deformed sperm increase chances of deformity in a baby?

Will deformed sperm increase chances of deformity in a baby?

increase low sperm count

I just found out I am pregnant and my boyfriend told me before hand it was unlikely he would be able to conceive. Apparently, while married to his past wife he went to a fertility specialist and was told his sperm were slow and deformed so his chances of reproduction were slim.

Now that I am pregnant with his child (7 weeks) I am concerned that a deformed sperm was the one to hit the jack pot and it will cause trouble for my child.


  1. No no dear that’s impossible. It’s the DNA information he carries – The DNA in specifically the X or Y chromosome he gives you. That’s what matters. Don’t worry about it and just know that you have a miracle birth it sounds like.

    I’ll bet, if his former wife is a living divorcee, that she’d be pissed. If his wife passed away, she’d be happy.

  2. You have no need to worry about this. In any male ejaculate there is a percentage of sperm that are "deformed". This does not necessarily mean that the genetic material inside of them is compromised. The likely hood of one of these sperm making it to your ova is extremely rare due to the nature of the route traveled and the environment inside of your body.

    Just goto the doctor for regular checkups and even go for genetic counseling of you feel that stressed about it.

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