Will blood pressure meds like Lisinopril lower sperm count?

Will blood pressure meds like Lisinopril lower sperm count?

increase low sperm count

My boyfriend started taking Lisinopril 20mg for his high blood pressure. He already has a lowered sperm count (we have been TTC for 5+ years now) and I am worried that it will further lower his sperm count…
I have heard from a few people though that blood pressure medication can raise it but Im not sure


  1. well, I don't know for sure if it will lower it.. that's something that you need to ask the doctor who perscribed it…

    Also, I just watched a movie called, "super high me," and it's basically a documentation of someone who doesn't smoke weed for an entire thirty days and then smoking weed for thirty days and it actually dramatically uped his sperm count while he was smoking… actually, the only thing that it showed a negative feed was that he gained 8 lbs and his oxygen level went down 3%. His SAT scores actually went from a 980 to a 1030! lol which is kinda crazy but to get back to the point and am only suggesting it because your hubby has a low sperm count… but have him try it…

    might help you out!

  2. tell him to freaking chill out!

    I don't know what is making him so stress in life!

    He needs to relax, come home, just take off his clothes and relax on bed or sofa.

    Don't need to speak to people aggressive! Just keep your anger inside and talk smoothly.

    Stop eating junk foods, that raises blood pressure

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