Will Androgel make your sperm count extremely low?

Will Androgel make your sperm count extremely low?

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I'm using Androgel, but am trying to make a baby w/my wife. I'm worried that the Androgel will make my semen count too low to get her pregnant. Would I be better off taking clomid? My Testosterone level is only 197 so I need to "get it up" (sorry). Anyway, what's the best bet? My GP told me clomid can cause blod clots and that Androgel won't lower my semen count all that much?


  1. Let me first say that you should make VERY sure none of the androgel gets on your wife, especially seeing how you guys are trying to get pregnant. If you are using the gel on your torso, wear an undershirt while, um, you know, doing it. Androgel is not going to cause a large decrease in sperm production. Have your testosterone level checked by blood test periodically to get your levels right.

  2. I’m not sure if you’re still checking this post, but my husband went on Androgel back in Feb. 2009 and we tried for over a year to have a baby. When we went for Fertility testing in Dec. 2009, we found out he had zero sperm. Everything came back ok with him except for his T and LH levels (he has vas deferens, no varicocele), so the issue is getting his levels up to normal. He went to a Urologist in January and he said Androgel is like a male birth control. He’s now on Clomid and we’re hoping and praying his levels go up soon and enough so we can conceive naturally. I would talk to other docs about the Androgel and its effects. Good luck!

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