Will a hot shower affect sperm count?

Will a hot shower affect sperm count?

increase low sperm count

I heard that laptop's heat makes a health risk on men's scrotom (sperm count) would it affect the same way?


  1. not as much..barely a difference

    unless having sex in a hot bathtub..then it decreases the number

  2. dude who tells u all this????? the ukaranians have been taking sauna baths and then duking them selves in freezing water for like generations….nothing happened to them….nothing will happen to u!!!

  3. High heat on the scrotum area can cause a reduction of sperm count. The real problem is not heat, but the American Diet. In 1940, the average male had a sperm count of 166 million / ml. In 1990, the count was 66 million. There is a linear downward straight line curve that shows that by 2013, the count will be around 5 million / ml. Since it takes 5 million sperm to fertilize one egg on the average, we will be in a crisis at that time. At present, around 17% of adult males are impotent due to the sperm count. This percentage is growing at an alarming rate.

    By 2050, the curve shows ZERO sperm in the Average American male. This should be a huge wake up call, but instead, we are told that spraying foods, chemically treating soils, and genetic engineering is not hurting us. Really? Then why is nature trying to eliminate us? I don't hear any of the politicians talking about this issue! I also don't hear them telling Americans that 53% are chronically ill and that our food industry, drug industry, and medical people are getting us into a worse and worse predictament. Can you only imagine how a candidate would get money if he told the truth and raised real issues facing Americans today, instead of trying to create a HUGE fiasco of a health care system that is going to cause major financial disaster when trying to treat over 50% obese people by 2013 as predicted, and over 50% of ALL Americans having diabetes by 2015!

    Yes, you need to worry about your sperm count, but more importantly, you need to worry about any babies you may possibly be fortunate enough to have before you loose ALL your sperm count.

    good luck to us all

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