Why don’t I ejaculate as much as I used to? How can...

Why don’t I ejaculate as much as I used to? How can I increase my volume?

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When I was younger (say, up to the age of around 26/27), my ejaculations were very powerful. There was a lot of volume and I could shoot quite a distance. Now at just 29, I ejaculate far far less and can almost never "shoot" like I used to. Does anyone have any idea why? Could it be a medical problem? Is there anyway I can increase my ejaculation’s volume? I’ve tried going a period of time without ejaculating. It only makes the tiniest bit of difference.


  1. Ngantuk9…. That my son is normal. With age we lose the umph so as to speak at ejaculating. It tends to spurt a little then rolls out. And yes abstaining from ejaculating will help to increase your volume. It will take a good while to do so. I find that if you also work at bringing your self to the point of almost climaxing but stop, and keep doing that for three or four days,and keeping your self aroused quite often, you will notice a good increase, or at least i have found that to be the case. No it is not a medical problem son. As long as it works,shoots,and can still be aimed, enjoy it. I had an accident that required me to lose both testicles, and have many penis reconstruction surgeries just to keep what i have. Thank God for new doctors, implants, and new medical procedures. Good Luck ! Hope this is of value. Steve

  2. well ive been taking supplements like test boosters and things and i waited a whole week and it seems like i can’t shoot very much any more whats the problem does any one maby know why?

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