What type of doctor checks a man’s sperm count?

increase low sperm count

?what kinda doctor would a man go to to check his sperm count


  • what kind of doctor checks sperm count
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  1. caravaggio says:

    i would suggest you to go to andrologyst. it's a subspeciality from biomedical science in medical or venereology (reproductive health). or you can go to fertility center nearby, do you have one at your place ?

    the andrologyst doesnt only count your sperm, but also check whether its in healthy shape or not. so you can get enough information about your reproductive health.

  2. Mike J says:

    One with a microscope and a lot of extra time.

  3. PFS rep says:

    The doctor doesn't necessarily count it.

    You get the sample yourself. Take it to the hospital lab, still fresh, within one hour of obtaining.
    The lab technician counts it.

    The result of 'numerous and motile' is a good result unless you've had a vasectomy like I had.

    Good luck

  4. de viking says:

    sperm doctor

  5. Grant M says:

    any doctor

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