What supplements can I take to increase the amount of ejaculate ?

increase low sperm count

I don’t want to increase amount of sperm per say but the actual semen that comes out…what is the optimum time to wait between masturbatory sessions to have maximum ejaculate each time?


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  1. Alex H says:

    The only way to increase your ejaculate fluid is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is essential for semen production, because more than 80% of semen is water. Also, drink (and eat) citrus, because a major component of semen is fructose (sugar).

    Also wait at least 24 hours between ejaculating to have the maximum amount of semen.

  2. Lamar, the Repeater says:

    a younger man or a healthy man (no matter age) has a shorter refractory period between ejaculations.

    to increase semenial fluid –
    Vitamin E
    Stinging Nettle
    Yohimbe Bark
    Ginseng (GNC’s Ginsa Gold Triple – it contains all 3 varieties of ginseng American, Korean, and ????)

  3. Paulie says:


  4. northridgeville says:

    Ropex – works and it increases the strenght of the ejaculation.

  5. JaclynDave says:

    Besides being well hydrated …
    A combination of Zinc, Ginseng, and Yohimbe worked for me.
    2 weeks of taking all three prior to returning from deployment, "performance", "repeats", and "product" were all increased quite a bit.
    Have a towel handy if you use that combination.

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