what is the minimum sperm count to conceive ?

what is the minimum sperm count to conceive ?

increase low sperm count

I am Ramya, 29 yrs old and my husband is 36 old. We are having 7 yr old son. We are planning for the II child from past 1 year but could not conceive. His Sperm count is 11.0 millions/ml and Total Ejaculate is 33.0 millions. Regarding its mobility-Rapid progressive is 00%, Slow-prog is 38%, Non-progressive is 7%, Immotile is 55%.MORPHOLOGY: Normal-26% ,Abnormals-Head defects-40%, Neck defects-28%, Tail defects-6%, Leucocytes: 2-3/hpf, Vitality: Live-49%, Dead-51%.Spillage was present. IMPRESSION:OligoAstheno Teratospermia.

Can this amount of sperm is sufficient for conception? Please kindly reply me to take further decisions. Suggest more tips on this.


  1. I have seen much worse and people get pregnant. What can increase your chances dramatically is IUI or intrauterine insemination usually costs about 2-400 dollars it’s your hubbys sperm and usually happens in 1-3 tries good luck!

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