What is the largest volume of semen that a male has ejaculated?

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What is the largest volume of semen that a male has ejaculated?


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6 Responses to What is the largest volume of semen that a male has ejaculated?

  1. OOKSTER says:

    I have a very, very large set of balls, and the most I have jitted before was about a pint…so I’d say there are probably some elephant men out there that have blown a quart or so of spunk.

  2. Peter S says:

    Not as much as a horse (250ml)!

  3. whata.crock says:

    According to the Guiness Book of World Records Wolfgang Butterballs of Staines, England jettisoned a record .813 liters of ejaculate on June 22, 1997. It was recorded that he was aided by the pictures in Juggs Magazine for the final "pull-off."

  4. Nitro says:

    depends on how many guy’s you are with at the same time you nasty thing

  5. Moby says:

    You know, this is not a particularly worthy trait. I don’t push out very much semen at all (never have) but what little I push, most seems to just roll out of the ladies onto the sheets, towels, or what have we. It seems like it would just create so much mess.

    In my early teen years, when I first learned to work it myself, I was able to push out amounts close to about one-third a cup. What I remember most is that large flow did increase the sensation and duration of the orgasm. So maybe shooting huge loads is a good thing.

    Better have a good supply of sheets!

  6. -------------------------------- says:

    10 gallons

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