What effects might testosterone boosters have on one's sperm count?

increase low sperm count

that's it really… I've seen allot of guys get good results from testosterone boosters… 17-hd being quite popular. I am merely wondering what a supplement of that class might do to my swimmers because my wife and I are looking to have kids soon; but I am looking (as always!) to also get bigger, stronger, and faster through my work in the weight room and on the road. Also… the same question goes for the legal versions of HGH (again, HGHComplete is a supplement I have seen being used). In the end, anything I put into my body… MUST BE LEGAL!!! A good guideline I have seen has been anything I can buy over the counter at the GNC on post. Any info would be helpful, thank you.


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2 Responses to What effects might testosterone boosters have on one's sperm count?

  1. riffraff_s says:

    It will reduce the amount of sperm

  2. Planets says:

    You will no longer produce testosterone by yourself so your sperm count drops a lot

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