sperm count of 20 million,motility 25%. can this affect fertility? what medicines...

sperm count of 20 million,motility 25%. can this affect fertility? what medicines can improve this?

increase low sperm count


  1. It might influence your chances but it doesn't mean you are infertile…Talk to your docter about this and ask him all the questions that concern you.

  2. First of all, you should get the test done properly means, you should abstain from sex for seven days and take the semen in the lab itself and give it for test. Otherwise the results will not be proper.
    Secondly, assuming that the results are okay, 20 million is certainly sufficient to cause pregnancy.
    Most importantly there is no medicine to improve sperm counts. Go to qualified doctors and not quacks.

  3. The count is at the lower end of normal (20 to 150 million) and the motility is a bit low (average is about 50%) . . . but there is sperm and there are ones with good motility which means that pregnancy is completely achievable! As to treatments, you need to talk to your doctor – with counts like this, they may want to try an IUI instead of medications like Clomid. Clomid is usually thought as a woman's fertility med but in men it can help with sperm count.


    On a personal note – my husband saw a dramatic increase in his counts when he lost 30 lbs, starting eating right, cut down on the junk food, started exercising more and switching to boxer shorts. No hot baths or hot tubs.

    Conceive Magazine (www.conceiveonline.com) ran an article on "Fertility Foods for Guys" – maybe it will help (and it definitely won't hurt).

    1) Brightly colored fruits and veggies – rich in antioxidants
    2) Oranges & citrus fruits – Vitamin C reduces risk of damaged sperm
    3) Watermelon – good source of lycopene
    4) Pumpkin seeds and baked beans – rich in zinc
    5) Lean meat and poultry – rich in L-carnitine for sperm movement

    They also said to avoid soy which may lead to poor sperm quality and alcohol which can lower testosterone.

    Caffeine can go either way – three or more drinks a day may hamper fertility but other studes show that caffeine "may" help with a low sperm count.

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