question on vasectomy and semen volume?

question on vasectomy and semen volume?

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1. what effect does vasectomy has on semen volume??
2. which of the seminal fluid glands is not a paired gland?

please help me with these questions

thanks in advance :D


  1. A vasectomy makes it so sperm can’t combine with the seminal fluids a male produces. Sperm only make up 5% percent or less of this cocktail so there would be practically no noticeable difference in volume.

    I don’t get your other question but if it’s what glands produce the bulk of seminal fluids they would be the seminal vesicle and prostate that make up 85-90% percent of the fluids. The bulbourethral gland and others produce the remainer.

  2. I agree with Terrik on this one and nor do I understand the second part of the question and neither did my search engine.Sorry not being able to be more of help

  3. The testicles only contribute about 4%, therefore the volume is imperceptibly less or 4%. The sperm do not contribute to the consistency or color.

    The only gland that is not paired is the prostate gland. It contributes about 30%, and is responsible for the white color.

  4. ~~When a vasectomy is done, this procedure Does Not reduces the semen volume.
    The fluid produced at ejaculation, is the product of Secretions from: Seminal Vesicles, Prostate, and a small amount from the Cowper’s glands among the system of tubes.
    Before Vasectomy, the sperm produced in the testicles, is mixed with the glands’ fluids.
    After Vasectomy, there is No Sperm; only glands’ fluids.

    Vasectomy means closing down the production of sperm, but Not of fluids from glands, thus glands produce their fluids as they did before a vasectomy.

    ~~The Seminal Fluid Gland that is Not a paired gland, is the Cowper’s glands, which is located beneath the Prostate gland. This prostate is also known as ‘the pair of pea-sized bulbourethral glands’.

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