my husband has low count sperm and infertile and we are trying...

my husband has low count sperm and infertile and we are trying to have a baby!!!?

increase low sperm count

i got married when i was 14 yrs old and my husband was 16 and now we been married for four years and we have been trying to have a baby we have not used protection through all this years and we just found out like 5 or 6 months ago that hes infertile and he has low count sperm …he was on a treatment for 3 mnths and we saw no results the thing is that i dont really now when i actually ovulate and when i do know when i am ovulating we miss it what i want to know is how much is artificial insemination?????


  1. ok….then….
    Make an apiontment with your doctor and ask him everything you want to know. He will give you the best advise!

  2. Is he completely infertile (which is very rare for a man his age) or does he just have a low sperm count? It might take a lot longer than 3 months for treatments to work, give it some time.

  3. Is your husband infertile of does he have low sperm count? Because that fact makes a big difference. Does he smoke? There are kits you can buy which advise you on when you are ovulating, but this will not help you if your husband is infertile? You can also tell ovulation by how stringy your saliva is, but you need to test your saliva every day for about 1 month to get accurate reading. If you have a 28 day cycle you should be ovulating on day 14 of your cycle, if you have a 31 day cycle you ovulate around day 20-21.

  4. My friend just had this done and she said that her procedure was about $2K. This was one try and it didn't work. They can vary in price and some of the highest I've heard of run around $10K a pop.

    Good luck and I wish you the best!!

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