My cum is partly white & sticky,i have low sperm count?

My cum is partly white & sticky,i have low sperm count?

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My cum is partly white & sticky,& the rest is clear & slippery! Does this mean i have low sperm count?I think it used to be mostly white before but im not sure. Is this a problem? I am 28 yrs old btw!


  1. Maybe your just beating it too often :P

    Im sure its fine, see your doctor if youre really worried.

  2. firstly the pre come is clearish and sticky this happens before you ejaculate to help the sperm swim inside the vagina secondly your come can be so many different type of white sometimes it is clearer than other times when it will be milky white this doesnt mean low sperm count men are different and what you eat can have an effect on sperms taste and colouring if you need putting at ease a visit to th doctors is ok xx

  3. There is not one problem at all:this looks totally normal
    Nothing to do with a low sperm count at all.
    The clear and slippery stuff is precum:the rest is semen.:the white and sticky stuff.

  4. Hi
    No it doesn’t mean that you have a low sperm count.
    It’s different at different times and how old the semen is so there is nothing wrong or anything to worry about.
    If you had blood in your semen that would be something to be concerned about but what you describe is normal and natural.

  5. semen can be thin and watery or white and clumpy. a lot depends on what you have eaten or drunk, the temperature, your general health and many other factors. it can vary from day to day.

  6. Nope that sounds pretty normal to me, Mine has always been like that and my sperm count is fine.

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