Mountain dew lower sperm count?

Mountain dew lower sperm count?

increase low sperm count

the reason i ask this is because i have really low sperm count. i usually masturbate twice a day and never really thought about it but i decided to wait 3 days to do the deed. the problem is i had the same problem. i drink tons of mountain dew, only thing else is milk. is this a problem with me or with me drinking too much mountain dew?
i hope your kidding


  1. Yes, mountain dew contains a chemical that turns sperm into ovum. So, if you don't want to be shooting eggs, then you'd be best off stopping the Mountain Dew intake. Try some Crab Juice instead.

  2. Sorry disagree with the previous answer

    Mountain Dew contains lots of nasty stuff, but the risk issues for fertility are ordinary caffeine (lowers sperm motility and count) and Brominated goo of assorted sources …

    SImply put neither the brominated compounds nor the caffeine are good for sperm count or motility or etc

    However there is nothing that turns sperm into ovum in the drink. That is total biological horseshit.

  3. Low sperm count after a 3 day abstinence from ejaculation usually indicates that you have a naturally low count. This will probably not be a major fertility problem unless your partner is also low fertility. You just might take a little longer getting her pregnant. Did the sperm counters comment on the "quality" of the sperm (e.g. the % of deformed ones, poor swimmers etc)? That is more important than the absolute number.

  4. Mountain dew wouldn't be the best idea to keep those sperm alive. I suggest breaking the habit. (plus the caffines way bad for you). If you stop now and drink this nifty little thing called water then your sperm will be in much better shape. About masturbating twice a day, that won't lower your sperm count at all. You should keep up the good work, its very healthy and prepares you to have a gf. Keep drinking healthy ;)
    Hope this helped

  5. yes it does thats y my dad stoped drinking it lol IM or email me k =] -kisses

  6. Actually any beverage with caffine can have an adverse affect on sperm count, as well as drinking beer, smoking, and taking recreational drugs.

    They say if you want to keep fertility up to have for instance only 1 – 2 cups of coffee a day. I am not sure what that is in soda, but its not the specific drink causing a problem. Also if you want your count higher you should only have sex once every 3 days.

    I would cut down on the caffine in general not just the dew.

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