male dogs fertility how old are they before they can become fertile?

increase low sperm count

i have a 6 month old dog keeps humping his mum i need to know when they start to become fertile as his mother is on heat i have just seen him near enough stuck together


  • how long before dogs sperm regenerates
  • How long does it take for a male dog to release there sperm
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5 Responses to male dogs fertility how old are they before they can become fertile?

  1. ?PoodlePuff? bybrs kill dogs says:

    For petes sake..

    Yes he can get her pregnant at this age… I have heard of quite a few accidental matings from puppies to their mothers.

    He is 6 months anyway, perfect age to get neutered, make an appointment today.

  2. Mary J says:

    WOW another BYB who knows nothing. I have heard of 4 moth old pups fathering a litter. Both of your dogs need to be fixed NOW! You need to take her in for an emergency spay to abort the inbred pups she is having due to you letting him mate with her.

  3. moondog says:

    Take the female to the vet for an emergency spay and have the male neutered.
    You certainly don’t want mother and son to have puppies.
    The 6 month old puppy is quite capable of producing healthy sperm to inpregnate the female.

  4. Rayven~Summer Troll Patrol says:

    And she wasn’t fixed before now because?

    He’s more than old enough to impregnate her. Call your vet when the open and schedule a spay for her ASAP. Then get your male fixed.

  5. cee bees says:

    If he is doing it then he must be fertile. If they Tie (get stuck together), she could get pregnant. My female (6 years old) just had pups from a 10 month old dog (he just turned 12 months last month). The puppies are wonderful, but alott of work.


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