Is there any way to raise my husband's sperm count?

Is there any way to raise my husband's sperm count?

increase low sperm count

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, but he has a very very low sperm count. Is there any way to remedy this short of IVF?


  1. Tell him to wear boxers if he doesnt already.

    Oh and u can try this:
    "Play" around with him, but dnt do anything. Then the next night, "play" with him again but dnt do anything. Do this for about 4 nights then the 5th night, do it and he should blow right off.

    Im sure something should happen then..getting pregnant-wise.

  2. Having sex less often will help that out. I do not know how much it raises it. You also don't want to get up right after sex to give it time to get up to where it needs to be. Stay lying down for a while.

  3. He must drink alot of fluids and wear boxers, Smoking also affects sperm count and quality of sperm, however some causes can't be helped such as age, dysfunction and abnormal sperm. A fertility specialist can give you other options besides ivf such as insemination.

  4. Get him on a multi vitamin. He can also take zinc, L-Carnitine, and L-Arginine. These can all increase sperm count. You can also try Fertilaid for Men. My hubby had close to 200million while on these supplements…(he will be taking them till we get a BFP!)

  5. Well im not sure but when we went to get him checked out the doctor said it may be because of the amount of alcohol that hes taking in. Within months hes cut down to 2 – 3 beers a night and we just might be pregnant.

    He also had to change his diet and exercise aswell.

    Hope this helped a bit.

    Baby Dust to you!

  6. Wear boxers instead of briefs, cut back or quit drinking soda and alcohol, cut back or quit smoking cigarettes, drug use is obviously a must stop (I'm not saying he does it, I'm just covering all bases), avoid hot tubs and hot showers, wear shorts around the house when he's at home. Those are the things I can remember straight off the top of my head, if I can find anymore info for you then I will certainly come back and add it. Good luck!

  7. Him ejaculating less will merely mean he has funkier sperm and not do a thing to improve the count, so he should ideally ejaculate every other day at least.

    For my husband who never got his ex pregnant in 7 years and had a low sperm count and low motility and poor shaped sperm he wears boxers, he ejaculates every other day when we are trying to get pregnant and he takes a multi-vitamin, selenium, zinc and folic acid supplements. We got pregnant in 3 cycles and in our first cycle the 2nd time, without supplements it took 5-6 cycles and I just miscarried.

    Also remember that an illness (like a virus that caused a fever) can dramatically decrease sperm count for up to 6 months afterwords.

  8. Healty diet, NO SMOKING, no drinking, boxers instead of briefs – let them breathe! I've heard not to use heating blankets/seat warmers….raise your butt after sex for atleast 30 mins to keep what good guys he has inside longer. Make sure you orgasm during sex to pull the sperm upwards. Fertility supplements (FertilAide) and Pre-Seed. Both are OTC and not super expensive. Every other day sex around ovulation (provided u have been checked to make sure u are ovulating).

    That's all I can think of right off. Oh and I also heard something about taking OTC Mucinex 5 days prior to ovulation to create a good environment for his swimmers to help with motility and stuff. Gotta help the good guys out if he doesn't have many of them.

    Good luck!

  9. I was just wondering the same thing and doing some research it turns out that "saving up" sperm does not increase the count. Actually have more intercourse should increase production. Not saying have it every day, but try as much as you can. and another plus side to it is that it also makes them last longer

  10. Hi Gals,

    I just wanted to pass on some relatively good news regarding sperm quality. My wife and I got married later in life, I am 38 and she is 41. Given the stages we are both in we wanted to get cracking on trying to conveive. Given that, and after unsuccessfully conceiving for over a year, we both underwent fertility testing . My wife, even though she was a bit older, tested quite positively and had everything working in her favor. I, on the other hand, had some pretty serious sperm issues. My first test was completed in November of 2008. The results showed that I had very low sperm motility, decent morphology and a really low sperm count (roughly 10mm/ml). Plus, to top it off, I had a moderate white blood cell count. My urologist put me on a dose of antibiotics to see if there was an infection (3 weeks worth of antibiotics). After about a month I was tested again. This time I still showed moderate white blood cells and my sperm count increased to 17 million and my sperm motility was 45 (still quite low when compared to the standards of WHO). I couldn’t understand what could be causing the white blood cell count. I didn’t feel like there was any infection in my body but then I realized I had a broken wisdom tooth that was almost broken in half but I never did anything about it. So I decided to get it pulled and take another round of antibiotics. I got retested and found that the white blood cell count was normal, my motility had increased to 68% and my sperm count was up to 19mm/ml. I must add that I also did not change my diet at all but I did add a regiment of herbs and supplements. I also began to see an acupuncturist once a week. My daily intake included 800 IU of Vit E, 2000 mg of Vit C, twice daily B12 supplement, 4 grams L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, korean ginseng (panax ginseng) tablets and liquid, men’s daily supplement, selenium, and folic acid tablets. I am excited that my sperm quality has increased so rapidly and now I am excited to see if my wife and I actually get pregnant soon. Good luck to all of you.

  11. My boyfriend and I only have sex twice a week on monday and fridays but not every monday and friday. Sometimes only 3 times a month. But I’m still not getting pregnant. I need to know all the steps to raising his sperm count. So if somebody knows you can email at please.

  12. We are trying to conceive but my husband is experiencing low sperm count. He is actually on medication prescribe by the Doctor Folic Acid and antibiotics. How long will it take for the count to increase?? Can he be ready for the next ovulation?

  13. I have a miracle cure for you!!!! Honey and Cinnamon. After 4 months my husband’s sperm improved drastically, we are now ready to do the IUI. Just over 4 months ago the doctor told us that there was not enough sperm to do it.

  14. i need help me and my wife have been trying to have a baby for more then a year! but my wife is not much of a sexuel preson what can i do to get her to have my sex and injoy it too

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