Is there a way to increase testicle and sack size, and amount of semen ejaculated?

increase low sperm count

Im 25 and i think my testicles are too small. Everytime I have an erection I do not have enough scrotal sack left so that my testicles get tight against my penis and sometimes even go under my skin instead of hanging freely. Is this serious?
- Is there a way to make the sack bigger?
- To make the testicles bigger too? Because I do not think I ejaculate enough, and I never shoot.
- How can I produce more semen and shoot?

The size of my penis does not compliment the size of my testicles.

Please help!!!!!


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8 Responses to Is there a way to increase testicle and sack size, and amount of semen ejaculated?

  1. religionbreedshate says:

    There are stretching exercises and massage techniques that you can do to make your "sack" bigger

  2. stephen k says:

    You could, but you may wish to speak with a uroligst first on this

  3. steve says:

    that’s just what your body does. When you get arroused or have sex your balls pull toward your body and scrotum gets tight. After you ejaculate it hangs lower.

  4. l_afo says:

    Search the web for forums related with penis enlargement – topics like this are a current theme there. It’s very easy to make your testicles hang lower by stretching in special ways or wear special rings around the sack or even pumping regularly.
    Making them bigger is more difficult but possible through massages. To shoot longer, make Kegel exercises – it will also increase the strength of you erections.
    More volume of sperm is trickier: there doesn’t seem to be a relation between testicular size and amount of ejaculated sperm. For that there are special diets, nutritional supplements and – most important – a healthy lifestyle, with sport activities, less or no stress, and simply ejaculating less often.

  5. Black Jason Bourne says:


  6. Some O says:

    do you compliment the size of your penis and balls? I wonder what they are thinking . . ..

  7. happy gilmore says:

    Trust me when I tell you that you should be happy with your small balls. Mine are huge, only make my u know what look smaller when i’m flacid. They also get in the way and i am always aggrevating them somehow.

  8. rick says:

    my ball sack is small i would to make it larger

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