Is drinking a LOT of water a good method to increase sperm amount…?

increase low sperm count

BQ:Is eating a lot of food increase the sperm amount?

BQ2: how about not masturbating for like 4-5 days?


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2 Responses to Is drinking a LOT of water a good method to increase sperm amount…?

  1. littlefelony14 says:

    try collecting it in a jar for about a week, then pour it in all at once.

  2. Jake says:

    Water is the main fluid in semen so you need to drink the normal amount that your body needs a day the rest you will just pee out. So no more water than your body needs will not make you have more semen. The food you eat will produce a better quality semen. There was a scientific program on the BBC channel about this topic I would say 2 years ago. They did this study where 5 guys ate a vegetarian diet and the other 5 ate meat in their meals. The vegetarians had healthier semen and produced a larger quantity of swimmers than the meat eating group. I do not think you are going to drown anybody but eating healthier and not consuming things like alcohol, drugs, nicotine, caffeine, and meat will produce a better quality of semen. Not jacking will build up fluid but its not like your going to drop off five days worth of loads in one sitting. What are you going for a guinness book of world records or something?

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