Im trying to get pregnant but my man drinks alot of beer....

Im trying to get pregnant but my man drinks alot of beer. wouldnt that cause him infertility?

increase low sperm count

He drinks alot 4 beers every other day. To my knowledge im still not pregnant and ive been trying for 1month. I want him to stop drinking for a while so i can get knocked up. How can i address this to him?


  1. you've only been trying one month. It can take 8-12.

    A heavy drinker might have a lower count, but generally it just slows the sperm down.

  2. I dont think thats true, my husband drinks alot of beer and I got pregnant, I have never heard that, I may be wrong but like I said i got pregnant and my husband drinks alot of beer.

  3. you have only been trying for a month? well give it a few more months before you start to get worried. Most pergnancys take a few months if not years to happen. Yes, drinking may not help, but two beers a day is not going to slow to much up. It just takes time. good luck

  4. I think if you have concerns about his drinking you should raise them before you get "knocked up". It shouldn' effect your ability to conceive though. You need to be patient.

  5. You are very tacky. Why do you want a child with a man that drinks a lot. Instead of trying to get knocked up maybe you should check your self esteem.

  6. Babe, that's not what I'd consider alot of beer. My DF drinks ALOT. By that I mean he can and does consume more than 2 cases of beer every night of the weekend in addition to drinking at least 4-6 24 ounce cans of beer per evening. It did take me awhile to conceive, a year. But when I did, twins. Naturally identical twins. So it's true it may slow the process and sperm down a bit but it'll happen if that's your only factor. A month isn't that long, healthy couples can sometimes take quite awhile with NO factors being present.

    No, I don't need MY self esteem checked either. I choose to be with him. Not that I need to explain. He's a great guy and treats me very well, he's just a drinker and has been for years. Not the worst thing in the world. Hell, I drink myself. Not as much or often, but I do drink.

  7. It is true that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can be a factor in infertility but usually couples can still get pregnant regardless…and if you have only been trying for 1 month, know that it takes a healthy couple from 8 months to a year to conceive. YOu could be one of the lucky ones to get pregnant in a couple of months but you never know. If you really want him to stop drinking have a talk with him. If he really wants this baby just as much as you do then he will do what is right… In the least he can just cut back to 2 every other day..

  8. Alcohol can affect sperm, but that really isn't a lot. If I were you, I would make an appointment with your OBGYN and make sure there are no medical issues with you that could interfere with ttc. If that's the case, then you can suggest to your husband that he get his sperm analyzed to make sure everything is okay with him. I wouldn't go accusing him of anything or he may refuse to test. Keep an open mind. There are so many things that have to be just right for conception that it's a wonder it happens at all. One month is just a drop in the bucket. Many couples try for years with unexplained infertility. Don't start stressing out now because stress can affect conception. Good luck.

  9. I'm sure it is not making it harder for you to get pregnant….this is only your first month of trying(it could take up to a year)….but more importantly, it DOES increase your chances of your baby being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!!!

  10. Look – Are you or he ready. Married? Have a House? Commitment? Medical plan? Stopped Partying? Willing to stop drinking? Can he work and pay ALL the Bills While your at home at least until your child/children start kindergarten? If not you need to rethink this. KNOCKED-UP??? I don't know-If you want a healthy baby you both need to stop drinking-smoking and of course no drugs.IT'S GOING TO TAKE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO RAISE A BABY AND IF HE WON'T GIVE UP DRINKING FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS -THEN YOUR IN TROUBLE.
    I had to leave a relationship of 8 years when I wanted kids and asked myself these same questions.
    Bottom line for him is if he is drinking or drunk or an alcoholic then his sperm is drinking/drunk/and alcoholic which leads to abnormal (not normal) sperm. Which could/would lead to a handicapped child and medical bills you wouldn't believe. Do you want that for life? Let me tell you now HE DON"T and he will blame you and probably leave you both where you stand. Which would be his fault but he wouldn't say so or think so. Where is your future with this guy who won't stop drinking long enough to have a healthy baby? This is extremely serious!!! Don't put your child's life and health at risk for this guy.
    Don't be so into this guy or any guy for that matter that you lose sight of yourself and health of your child.
    If he is trying to convince you that beer is natural and made with hops and barley and what ever else-RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
    There are many things that can go wrong at least do all you can at the start to have a healthy life for you and your child. It is a good idea to have your doctor talk to him about drinking and trying to concieve and all the dangers this holds. Infertility- maybe but you just started give yourself some time. Men think were nagging about things like this and an outside source (your doctor his doctor)may help in getting him to understand the seriousness of a healthy baby. Or get rid of him. You have many choices. It is all up to you.-Good Luck

  11. One month is not very long to be worrying about it. The beer won't do his chances any good, but stress is just as bad, as is using a laptop computer ON your lap, or wearing tight jeans in hot places. Relax, nature will take its course. If you're not 'knocked up' in a year, seek help.

  12. Okay so me and my boyfriend have been trying for about 5 months and every time we have intercourse he cums inside me but im still not pregnant..He drinks but not a lot. Does that mean something is wrong with me or should i just wait it out and see?

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