If my husband has a low sperm count what can i do to get pregnant?

increase low sperm count

8 months ago i have miscarridged (22 days pregnancy) after abortion i had checked my test all tests are ok but my husband siemen test is not ok dr said said dead cells is in your siemen then he give a tablets after 8 months my husband retest the result is 25 % sperm count so pls tell me can i do to get pregnancy pls i am so worried and ask some supplements


  • can my husband get me pregnant at 51
  • if my husband sperm is not ok if i use another man sperm can people know is not my husband baby
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9 Responses to If my husband has a low sperm count what can i do to get pregnant?

  1. wormthatwalks says:

    Sleep with another guy?

  2. smelly penguin says:

    this may sound weird, but have as much sex as possible. considering how many sperm cells there are in a single drop (millions), 25% is quite a bit. the longer you wait, the less chance your gonna get pregnant. Just keep at it.

  3. omgmonicawtflol says:

    Do hand stands immediately after you have sex!!
    No really 80% of yahoo answers is 14yr olds. I would talk to your doctor about it.

  4. ms. confused says:

    I heard tight underwear (on the man) like briefs and taking hot baths lower sperm count, so make sure he doesnt do those. Have sex when your ovulating your chances are higher then, and just hope for the best. They say people trying to get pregnant dont usually until they dont try as hard maybe due to the stress. Relax and Good luck!

  5. Amanda B says:

    Don't worry. It will happen when you least expect it. It did for me. Anyhow, things that helped us were,

    - Have him stop smoking, drinking lots of soda, tea…
    -Stop using any kind of lube, toys, ect.
    -Get an ovulation tester so you know your best chances.

    Good Luck!…, and if all else fails, you can always adopt.

  6. nysenutz says:

    Stop doing 'it' for pleasure. And tell your ol' man to keep his hand off it.Save it up for when you are ovulating, and go for it.
    *Please note* the word -it- has various connotations here.
    I have heard that celery and capsicum can improve the sperm count, it could be an old wives tale, but it wouldn't hurt to try, and it wouldn't do any harm.
    Good luck.

  7. Diane S says:

    The best thing you can do is be positive. Try using an ovulation calculator or sticks to pin point your perfect time for conception. Then abstain from sex a few days before your ovulation due date and then do the deed on that day. I'd do it two days in a row as the peek time is best and the chance you have for conception is 24-36 hours. It's such a small amount of time. The more you have sex the more the sperm count will go down. Good luck and baby dust to you.

  8. Super Me says:

    Most men are low in Zinc, which is needed for healthy sperm.

    Put him on a multivitamin and some extra zinc.

    Its a cheap place to start.

  9. Oni says:

    Hi Ruchi,

    Sperm count is basically amount of sperm in one unit volume of semen. The normal amount is 20 million to 150 million per millimeter of semen. If your sperm count is lower than the normal amount, this could be an indication for fertility problem. A simple sperm count test at laboratory can show you whether you have normal amount of sperm count or low sperm count.

    To increase it, you can do:
    1. Eat right.
    2. Drink more water.
    3. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine.
    4. Quit smoking.
    5. Exercise.

    More on it on the source article.

    Hope this helps.

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