If my husband has a high sperm count, and I am definitely...

If my husband has a high sperm count, and I am definitely ovulating why wouldn't I get pregnant?

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If my husband has a high sperm count, and I am definitely ovulating and having intercourse at the same time according to my BBT chart and ovulation predictor tests, why wouldn't I get pregnant?


  1. could be a blockage in your Fallopian tubes from previous miscarriage, un dx'd endomitriosis or std's. Could have a blood disorder or a chromosomal disorder. See a fertility specialist if you are not pregnant after a year of ttc

  2. Contrary to many beliefs, it is actually pretty difficult for some women to become pregnant. The timing needs to be just right for it to happen. Also, I have heard of some people taking a while to get pregnant after stopping birth control. Anyway, good luck

  3. Take your time and let god help your trying too hard. It will happen. Just trust in god and have fun

  4. Sometimes that's just the way it goes. Try to relax. Stress doesn't help. Often things happen when you least expect them. (And if you're religious it's also whatever your God has in store for you, in my opinion).

  5. you might be trying to hard and it is stressing your baby out. your eggs will not take if you are streesed. try to relax and let natural take it course.

  6. Are you sure he has a high sperm count not just the liquid that carries the sperm? I imagine you're not because otherwise the doctor who checked his sperm count could have answered your question. Many things could be involved; ask yourdoctor to know which factors are affecting you.

  7. There are many other factors…one very common thing has to do with a certain fluid in your vagina. Sorry, I don't know the technical name. Anyway, the sperm have to swim through this fluid or mucus to get to the egg. If conditions are not favorable, they will not make it. That is why fertility specialists will first inseminate sperm directly to the egg in an effort to fertilize.

  8. The chances of you actually becoming pregnant in any given cycle is only about 25%. There are alot of things that have to line up just perfect. Assuming you didn't just come off the pill (which can take a few months to get out of your system) and you don't have a blocked fallopian tube, the average couple still takes about 8 months to conceive.

    Also you have to remember that just because an egg and sperm meet doesn't mean that it implants properly either. So you wouldn't be pregnant that cycle.

  9. I also have a high sperm count and my wife ovules are OK, come like a clock, and we have tried to conceive for several years, but we never used artificial methods. We finally did (my wife is 2 months pregnant), after learning to pray to God positively, giving glory to his will, what ever it is, and give Him thanks for life in couple. By the way, 4 months ago we received a puppy as a gift. We never had a pet before.
    The thing is that fertility in humans is not like fertility in rabbits, and mind plays a great role here, so don´t let anyone, including you, stress it.

  10. BBT and ovultion predictors are not an accurrate combination. Ovulation preedictor tests can give fasle/mixed results. You are better to do BBT and Cervical mucas testing. And keep a chart.

    Get the book Taking charge of Your Fertility. It has an an entire chapter of increasing your chances to conceive. Did you know there is only a 25% chance of conceiving each month?

    Good Luck!

  11. A normal healthy couple only has a 20% chance of conceiving each month so most doctor's say to give yourself a year before seeking medical help.

  12. i was going to answer this but the user Tony summed it all up and that should and is the best answer in my book . Let go and Let God .

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