If a man only has one testicle is his sperm count significantly...

If a man only has one testicle is his sperm count significantly low?

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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about six months now. We are both in our 20s. When he was 13 he had a football accident and lost one of his testicals. The dr. said that he would be able to have kids. He refuses to get a sperm count. I think hes scared to find out hes the reason why we arnt getting pregnant. I just want to know if his sperm count has been cut in half because of this and if anyone knows anything that could raise his sperm count!!! thank you!


  1. yes he has a low sperm count but this did not stop my soninlaw and he has 3 children it just takes a little longer good luck

  2. Having one testicle does not decrease your chances of getting pregnant. I have a friend who lived on a farm and their bull they used for breeding had one testicle, and he got all the cows pregnant with no problems at all. Don't worry about not getting pregnant right away, I've heard it takes some couples a year or so to get pregnant.

  3. People should really GROW UP!! (the ridiculous response's!! This is a serious question and it's NOT ewww!!)

    To answer your question…NO, he DOES NOT have LOWER SPERM! MILLION'S of sperm is produced from each testical…MILLION'S! My friend's mother's husband had only 1…3month's TTC…BOOM the result…A 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! Have you been charting your BBT? (basal body temp..when it RISE'S you O (ovulated) the DAY BEFORE! Your C.M? (cervical mucus…WETTEST day is your FERTILE day!) It is said that if charting and observing your cycle it SHOULD only take 4-6 cycles to get pregnant, if NOT it SHOULD take you a year. After that see a fertility specialist.
    Any more question's or to talk just email me!! Good luck! :)

    *BTW a great book is Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler ($25 @ your local bookstore)
    And YOU SHOULD START taking PRENATEL vitamin's.

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