how to increase sperm and semen volume?

increase low sperm count

can anyone tell me some name of medicines that I can buy in CVS can increase my sperm and semen volume? or another way to improve it thanks…

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  1. Zach says:

    dont jack off or cum in a while then when that time is up just explode like a volcano

  2. Geaux Tigahs says:

    Sustain Alpha from is supposed to do this

  3. Devon says:

    first of all right clothing is a bad thing. and eat right so your body can make more cells that are healthy and do lay back on the masturbation for a couple of days. it does build up the sperm count and the pleasure.

  4. snoopdogg says:

    ive heard drinking lots of fluids helps too

  5. Richard says:

    Lots of fluids, supplement with zinc, and eat oatmeal…..

  6. Here To Help says:

    Don’t drink too much water or put too much heat (avoid hot showers or jogging in the heat) on your testicles from your last ejaculation until you have sex, masturbate about one day beforehand, and don’t get kicked in the balls or anything.

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