How to increase a sperm count to produce twins?

How to increase a sperm count to produce twins?

increase low sperm count

especially if I have smoked weed all my life and have been having problems getting my gf pregnant


  1. ok if 200 million sperm dont produce twins why would you think increasing that amount would?? LOL

    Twins are either spontaneous and have nothing to do with mom or dad, or mom releases two eggs. The guys sperm just needs to be there…

  2. Your sperm count doesn't have anything to do with having twins. Usually, twins are up to the woman's eggs, whether she releases 2 eggs at the same time or 1 egg gets fertilized by 2 sperms. No matter if you have a huge count of sperms, that doesn't determine if you have twins or not.

  3. I don't think increasing your sperm means you will have twins it just means you have more sperm and may have a better chance of getting your bf preg

  4. It's to do with the egg not the sperm. so really there is nothing you can do about having twins.
    To increase sperm production, stop smoking, stop drinking, wear boxers and eat healthy

  5. Sorry but you don't have any control over that. She has to drop multiple eggs to be fertilized. Normally women only pass one egg at a time through the falopian tube, but sometimes we get lucky and drop more than one. You can however, stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and wear boxer shorts to best produce as much healthy sperm as possible. You can also try drinking a soda or something caffeinated about 15 minutes before sex. Caffeine sends your soldiers on a frenzy!!!

    Good Luck!

  6. Sperm count has nothing to do with having twins. It' all up to the females genetics and if there are twins in her family your little swimmers will have two targets instead of one.

  7. Mikey think weed has effected your education.
    Twins are made when one cell splits into two.on a molecular level. Has nothing to do with your little swimmers there Sparky………..

  8. If your sperm count is normal, you dont need to take anything, cause your perfectly fine. You only need to take medication if your sperm count is low.
    In order for you to have twins, your girlfriend would have to have produced more then one egg, and if two get fertilized it results in twins. So the sperm does not have anything to do with twins, it just has to be a normal sperm count.
    You guys should see a fertility doctor if you have been trying to have a baby for some time and havent been able to conceive.
    You should set your sperm analysis, and you gf shoud get all her blood works and ultrasounds to see why its just not happening. Some times it just takes some time. Good Luck.

  9. Increasing the sperm doesn't do anything to produce the twins.
    Only one sperm goes in.
    So there are two ways to have twins.
    If your g/f will produce two eggs, and two sperms reach it in time=twins. Non-identical
    OR// The one fertilized EGG (singular) by ONE sperm, split into two. Identical

  10. twins occur either when the woman releases 2 eggs and they get fertilized, or when one egg gets fertilized and splits into two, it has nothing to do with the sperm count. so if i was you i'd stop smoking weed and get a bit more educated!

  11. Having twins is completely not up to us. The ovary either produces 2 eggs, or the fertilized egg splits for some reason. If you want to increase the odds of multiple births, look into IVF, but there is nothing you can do at home to ensure it.

  12. The man doesn't have anything to do with twins, unless he passes a twin gene to a daughter who might have them.

    The woman's eggs are where twins are conceived. If there are 2 eggs, it is fraternal twins, and if 1 egg splits into 2, it is identical twins. Fertility drugs might help her have twins, but can also have horrible results with more babies, which are often miscarried.

    You need to quit smoking weed if you're going to be a father. It can alter the sperm to where the babies can have mood alterations and learning disabilities. All smoking is bad on the lungs, which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood, which makes it harder for you to produce sperm.

    Good luck on pregnancy, and stay clean! Your kids will love you for it. Also, make sure your GF is on prenatal vitamins, which can help her to conceive, and help the baby from day 1.

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