How long does marijuana affect your sperm count?

How long does marijuana affect your sperm count?

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so my boyfriend and i are trying to get pregnant and are doing all we can to be successful. i know that weed affects sperm count and its behavior.
but what i wanted to know is how long after you stop smoking does it affect all that fun stuff?


  1. It takes about 90 days for a sperm to mature, so the minimum amount of time is that, 3months. But there aren’t any studies on exactly how long it takes for the sperm to stop being affected and since marijuana is stored in fat cells, there’s really no way to know.

  2. I’ve heard 30 days, but my boyfriend smoked pot constantly before I got pregnant, and I got pregnant on the pill, so I don’t think it affected his sperm count all that much. Plus, there have been many studies done on people that show that marijuana does not really have an affect on sperm count. So if you think that your boyfriend’s sperm count may be low from smoking, I guess it technically could be, but the results should not be lasting.

  3. From what I've read, it's not necessarily marijuana's effect on sperm count that's the problem… it's really what it does to the quality of his sperm. Because they start off quickly, they are not as likely to reach the egg as a healthy sperm. And the lucky ones who do make it, it's not as easy for one of them to penetrate the egg because of their slightly-distored shape.

    But I've known a good number of expecting ex-potheads :) so don't let that discourage you. All with healthy pregnancies. 90 days would be my guess based on the production cycle of semen. But it's hard to say that for sure because THC is stored in ones body for a loooong time.

    Overall, I think other factors like your age, how often you had sex around the time of ovulation, etc those are more significant.

    I don't reccomend smoking marijuana while you're pregnant. I have held a few babies who's mothers smoked heavily while expecting & breastfeeding… there's a huge difference. I have also heard ruhmors of hospitals calling CPS on mothers who have smoked prior to delivery. I'm not sure how valid they are but be cautious.

  4. i personally dont see any problem smoking pot when it comes to sperm count! For example, our best friend smokes a llittle to much in my opinion him and his wife, to say the least they got pregnant on accident while she was on the pill too! and about 5 months later got pregnant again!!!! And they never quit anything, not cigs or pot or alcohol or hot showers. So im not to sure it has to much affect on sperm count

  5. Marijuana does not effect sperm count. It can have an affect on the behavior but there is no real solid evidence that demonstrates a lowered chance of impregnation.

  6. The doctors told my husband that all the Marijuana he smoked affected his sperm count — well he’s been smoking for 6 years and I can speak from experience that it doesn’t affect your sperm count at all. Doctors tell their patients that to get them scared about smoking weed, so they stop immediately.

    My husband and I both smoke and we had unprotected sex, and I got pregnant — I can speak from experience that it doesn’t affect the sperm count.

    Try having sex the day you get off your period, or the day after. Even the days before you get your period because that is the time your eggs are fertilizing. You may need to try about 5 times a day to get it though.

    I wish you luck in trying to get pregnant!

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