How long does it take to recharge your sperm count after the act?

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How long does it take to recharge your sperm count after the act? Does foreplay with testicles do anything?We usually do it twice a day. When she plays with my balls for a long period of time, more juice comes out? Does this make a difference with the sperm count?


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7 Responses to How long does it take to recharge your sperm count after the act?

  1. evolutionf330q says:

    I dont know

  2. party_pam says:

    When my hubby and I went through fertility counseling we were told 48 hours to recharge the sperm count.

  3. rachie says:

    i think it is three days, so if you were trying for a baby everythree days would be best.. but if your not twice a day wont do u any harm!!

  4. Johnny Walker says:

    You got plenty of juice at all times,you could blow 5 times and there will still be sperm.

  5. BROWN EYEZ says:

    30 YEARS

  6. Searcher says:

    The testicles produce sperm and specific hormones. The sperm travels up to the prostate area and mingles with other fluids to create the semen that you see when you ejaculate.

    From a purely scientific viewpoint, the average healthy male human will produce sufficient sperm every half hour to impregnate a women. the other fluids are created at different rates but overall, you should be have an ample supply there as well.

    Unfortunately, the average healthy male human who was called upon to perform sexually that often would soon wind up with a very sore penis – hehe.

  7. whole_feelings@yahoo says:

    Not at all!
    Semen volume is a genetic factor and depends from many factors (enviomental, nutritional, health, etc.) During the two ejaculation you just are discharging the sperm cells produced many weeks before. In fact, the sperm count needs about a month to be produced and ready again. If hypothetical you could get others orgasms, first or then there will be no more discharge because available sperm just is finished. In the meanwhile your sexual organs are still working as well as the day after and before. So, in a while others (few) sperm cells might be available for the another (eventual) ejaculation.

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