how long does a guy have to hold his sperm in for...

how long does a guy have to hold his sperm in for it to have the highest sperm count?

increase low sperm count

in order to conceive? i heard that the longer he doesn't "come" the more sperm there is in the semen. is this true? if yes, how long does he not have to come before we do it? thanks


  1. Sweet heart there HAVE been woman that have sex with a MIN. MAN…and she can still get pregnant…doesn't matter how long they hold the sperm…..

  2. If you want to keep your man i wouldn't go longer than 2 days, or some other woman will get the sperm.

  3. The body starts destroying sperm after three days and just makes more. So three days is the max amount you could wait. The first load will always have the most, so he'll have less if say you have 4 rounds in a few hours. But really the fun part of conceiving is the trying and it only takes one sperm to get you pregnant. So just go at it whenever you want.

  4. first you kill me with your jokes… next you kill your husband starving him for sex
    it only takes one good swimmer to reach the target
    if he holds it too long it will spill on the ground
    take you temperature every day… when it suddenly drops that's the time to concieve….
    middle of your cycle,,,
    come on you're a nurse?

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