how do i INCREASE semen volume/thickness?

increase low sperm count

For "proffesional" reasons, I need to increase my semen (sperm/***/****/ejaculate)’s volume and thickness, as well as force of ejaculation (velocity). Although many suggest supplements like L-Arginine and Lecithin, none of these are available in the herb shops, natural remedies shops, and pharmacies. I already use Zinc, as well as eat/drink loads more soja milk, vegetable juice, oats, celery, and other foods which help a little bit, but don’t offer enough for what shows up on camera (film). Any concrete suggestions?

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  1. Uria Flange says:

    Get some yoghurt or cream and pretend it came out of you.

    Or use a double’s stunt cock.

  2. Justin S says:


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