how do i increase my semen volume/thickness?

how do i increase my semen volume/thickness?

increase low sperm count

For "proffesional" reasons, I need to increase my semen (sperm/***/****/ejaculate)’s volume and thickness, as well as force of ejaculation (velocity). Although many suggest supplements like L-Arginine and Lecithin, none of these are available in the herb shops, natural remedies shops, and pharmacies. I already use Zinc, as well as eat/drink loads more soja milk, vegetable juice, oats, celery, and other foods which help a little bit, but don’t offer enough for what shows up on camera (film). Any concrete suggestions?


  1. The volume. Just go about a few days to a week without ejaculating. There is no other way than that.

    Also to make it thicker you drink less water. Howeve rdehydrating yourself can cause other problems. (like constipation etc.)
    Having thinner cu*m is good because then you know you are drinking enough water.

    And just to let you know.
    This is comming from a gay male.
    When your cu*m is too thick, it gets really gross. So make sure it’s not too thick.

    Other than Kegal excericses there isn’t anything you can do to shoot farther. Sorry.


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