How do I get my boyfriend to ejaculate more volume?

How do I get my boyfriend to ejaculate more volume?

increase low sperm count

My boyfriend doesn’t seem to c*m alot. And we would like to know how he can generate more fluid. Others I have been with seem to c*m in buckets. I enjoy the feeling of lots of c*m. Any and all help appreciated.


  1. I don’t think its something you can boost; kind of like penis enlargement, there’s no way to do it, beside plastic surgery.

    If you want more, then I suggest waiting a few days per session…that way his reserves can fill up.

  2. he’s not going to give you any more then what he can. that’s all there is. i on the other hand do have a huge one and my GF can’t swollow all of it

  3. Dont stop when he does,
    It might have been just a small tremmor before the main quake.
    The aftershock might be CUMMING soon after

  4. Tell him to ditch the tightie whities and get some boxers. I’ve heard you have to keep the balls cool for more production.

  5. try getting him to drink more fluids if that dosnt work then don’t let him come for at least three days then get him ot orgyy

  6. Now listen to me lady. There is a certain amount that every man ejaculates and it normally dosent got too higher than that. And volumes dosent matter at all.

    How ever it seems Its all about feelings and there are ofcourse techniques to make it better. So Wrap yourself….

    i) Make his pubococcigeal (p.c) muscle strong. Thats the muscles which pumps the semen outta his body. Search the net or rather http// for good p.c muscles exercises. Powerful p.cs make your mans erections harder and helps him last longer b4 he cums.

    ii) Elongate the sexplay and drift at the verge of orgasm but never ejaculate. Stop-continue-stop-continue again stop. The more the man holds back the more powerful his orgasm is going to be and more forcefully he is likely to ejaculate, causing a more effective flushing of semen from his stock.

    iii)Take food containing Amino acids, Zinc, and believe me pumpkin seeds. All these foods are good for enhancing semen production.

    iv)Have sex a bit less often. Yes its right. Let his body store enuf of the seeds to quench your thirst.

    Cumulative effects of all these is definitely goin to make him powerful enuf to cause an overflow.

    Any thing else?…..neeeexxxt!!!!

  7. the reason why he does not have a lot of C. U .M is cause he jacks off a whole lot so tell him to stop for 2 weeks and don’t give him any for a week so that it can build up and then after that give him some and watch him bust open like a fire hose right in your face.

  8. I forgot the names of the components of semen, but it has to biuld up. If you do not have sex for about a week, his semen shots will be larger. How did I just answer this question? LOL :)

  9. Build a time machine so that you can go back in time and make him jerk off more as a kid.

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