How can i increase the quantity of semen while ejaculating without medicine?

How can i increase the quantity of semen while ejaculating without medicine?

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  1. Wait for a few days? Then try again, I guess, I dunno..I am just trying to build points..

  2. Allow longer intervals between ejaculating. Thats about as good as it gets. 1 teaspoon per male per shot. Sorry. Got this from a urologist.

  3. i think the more aroused you are the more semen will be produced. try watching a movie or something….

  4. Usually time does it. Abstain for a week or more and you’ll notice a difference. But there are ways to coax your body into producing more seminal fluid.

    Try masturbating and then stopping just shy of climax. Do this several times and you’ll cause your body to produce extra fluid. If you do this and then stop masturbating altogether, your body will hold onto the fluid for later. When you finally get to the point of ejaculating, you should be in for a surprise.

    This delayed ejaculation is what many adult film stars end up doing, but which doesn’t show up in the edited film. This is one of the reasons they seem to last so long in the film itself. Don’t expect the same exact results immediately, though. Despite the stigma involved with the industry, many of them are in excellent physical condition and train their bodies accordingly. Genetics also plays a part in things: despite what some may say, not all bodies have the same dimensions, nor do they work the same way. Some will produce more fluids than others.

  5. Five mililetres a time is all you get (max) the more you ejaculate the less volume. Abstain for a while and you will still only have 5 mls.

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