How can I build up my sperm count to get my wife...

How can I build up my sperm count to get my wife pregnant?

increase low sperm count

I just married the love of my life. I’m in my mid 30′s & she is in her early 20′s. I do smoke & I believe I have a low sperm count. She is ready to start a family & I do not want to let her down. What if any can I do to build up my sperm so we can start a family?


  1. Stop smoking first of all. Also bd every other day rather than every day to give your guys a chance to replenish. Make sure your wife is using ovulation predictor kits or basal body temp to track her ovulation and plan the best times for you two to try and conceive.
    Best of luck

  2. Not sure why you think you might have low sperm count. There is no way to tell by looking at the ejaculate :) Before you get all freaked out about this, have a simple sperm analysis done. That way you'll know for sure. Most insurance companies will cover the testing as part of a diagnostic procedure, and if you're within 30 minutes of a clinic you can 'get' the sample at home and drop it off at the lab. Get the facts first and then if there's a low sperm issue, your doctor might tell you to BD every other day instead of every day. You're most likely totally fine and healthy, but I understand you want to do the right thing. Which is why you'll be giving up smoking, right?! Good luck

  3. I know its hard but i think u should slow down on sex. me n my husband had to stop having sex 4 like 2 to 3 weeks 4 me 2 be able to get pregnant. i am not sure if it was me or him but i would so give it a try it worked 4 us.good luck i hope u’ll well.

  4. First if you’re really worried you can ask you doctor to run a sperm analysis…they are around $100 if your insurance doesn’t cover it. There’s no sense worrying about something you don’t even know is an issue yet. You probably have tons of good swimmers!

    As an ex-smoker I know you don’t want to hear this but you should really quit smoking if you want to bring a baby into the world…

    Good luck!!!

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