foods that increase men’s y chromosones sperm?

foods that increase men’s y chromosones sperm?

increase low sperm count

i and my wife are planning to conceive preferably a boy since we have two girls already. can any one tell which foods will increase my y chromosone sperm? please do help


  1. It’s not the foods that decide, it’s the timing:
    This is from Dr. Shettles’ book. Of course it’s not a guarantee (and he doesn’t claim it to be), but it does hugely improve chances for conceiving the gender you’re searching. Please keep in mind that a baby is God’s gift and no matter the gender, you should NEVER, not for one second be disappointed if the baby’s gender isn’t what you were hoping for. That said, here’s some proven medical facts:

    Conceiving a boy

    If you would love to conceive a boy Dr Shettles recommends the following…..
    Abstain from sex during the four or five days leading up to ovulation as this will help to build up your partner’s sperm count. You should then time sex to be as close to ovulation as possible, ideally on the day of ovulation itself as this is a woman’s most fertile time (so do the baby dance as much as possible). As the Y sperm are more nimble, when released just prior to ovulation they will reach and fertilise an egg much sooner than their X counterparts are able.

    The optimum vaginal environment for Y sperm to thrive in is the alkalinity of the ‘egg white’ cervical mucus present just before ovulation. As Y sperm are more fragile they are less able to survive in more acidic conditions, hence why having sex as close to ovulation as possible is recommended. Alkalinity is increased during the female orgasm so Dr Shettles recommends having one before, or at the same time as your partner if you want to conceive a boy. Whats more the female reproductive system contracts during and after orgasm which gives the Y sperm a helping hand in making their way speedily to the egg.

    Have sex in a position that allows for deep penetrations (Dr Shettles recommends doggy style) as this deposits the sperm further into the vagina and nearer the cervix where the environment is more alkaline and the Y sperm have less distance to travel.
    Conceiving a girl

    If you have your sights set on a little girl here is what Dr Shettles recommends….
    Have sex as much as possible on the days leading up to ovulation but then abstain for 2-3 days before and on the day of ovulation itself. This works on the principle that sperm are able to survive for up to 6 days in the female reproductive system and that by the time ovulation occurs only the more resilient X sperm will remain to fertilise the egg.

    Have sex in a position that allows for shallow penetration (such as the missionary) as this deposits sperm lower in the reproductive system where the environment is less alkaline (so harsher on Y sperm) and where there is further to travel, giving the X sperm a fighting change of outlasting the Y sperm and reaching their target intact.

    As the female orgasm increases the alkalinity of the vaginal environment making it more friendly to Y sperm, Dr Shettles recommends that women refrain during the fertile period if they are trying to conceive a girl.

  2. Your wife’s genetics and what she eats can have more to do with the eventual sex of the fetus.

    All fetus’ start out female (that’s why guys have nipples). During a certain stage in their development, depending on things going on in the mother’s body, the eventual gender is fixed and things proceed from there.

  3. The environment of the inside of the vagina plays a bigger part then any food can do.
    The more alkaline she is the more chance of getting a boy.
    But nature has it’s own plan and does what it wants what ever your desires.

  4. food for geting male baby are , banana,orange,milk, potatoes,carrot,penuts,water melon,
    & sex position is also needed according to Dr shettles method
    1. sex position that allow us to fuck deeply “doggy style” :)
    2. have sex 24 hrs before periods or with in 12 hrs after periods
    3. hold sperms for 2 to 3 months
    4. drink coffee 15 min before sex
    5. wear loose under wear
    6. drink more water

    10000% you will get male baby thats my 20 yrs of experiance
    please dont reveal this tecnique to every boby
    thank you ,

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