dose hep c affect a mans fertility?

dose hep c affect a mans fertility?

increase low sperm count

my boyfriend has hep c. i know that me and our potential baby will not catch it as i have spoken with my doctor but i forgot to ask if him having hep c will make him less fertile.

please only people who know about this reply…thankyou


  1. hep c can effect alot of things, It can effect fertility, but only in some cases, everyone's body reacts different to hepititis in any form, Good luck on trying to have a baby..God bless both of you and I wish you both a beautiful boy or girl

  2. Unlike Hep A/B, there is no vaccine for Hep C, so not sure why you (or your doctor) think you will be okay? (unless you already have antibodies, there is 5% risk of transmission). Get a second opinion from a different doctor.

    With respect to fertility, Hep C doesn't cause infertility; however, some of the anti-viral drugs used to contain/treat Hep C can make him less fertile. So, check with doctor on the meds.

  3. Hepatitis C normally does not effect fertility in men; however, if he is going through any type of treatment then that might.

    You said your doctor said you and your child will not have Hepatitis C- although the chances are very low, there is still a slight chance it's possible.

  4. Hep C doesn't affect fertility but the treatment drugs may. If he is undergoing treatment his doctor needs to know that he's trying to start a family. If he's been treated and/or is in remission it should be fine… and so should you and future baby :)

    Good luck, I hope you conceive soon!

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