does smoking weed really lower your sperm count?

does smoking weed really lower your sperm count?

increase low sperm count


  1. they say it does…but I dont think its true because my ex was a super pot head and he has 3 kids

  2. I'm not sure but I've heard that it does and it also lowers your testosterone level. For this reason marijuana can give you testicular cancer.

  3. I think it is the seeds that they claim lowers the sperm count… But I am not for sure.

  4. No research study has linked smoking cannabis with lower sperm count. Eating soy products has recently been found to lower sperm count, however.

  5. yes it does, my brother did extensive amounts of pot when younger and as a result has never been able to produce offspring with his wife.

  6. In the documentary "Super High me", smoking weed actually raised his sperm count. It's a pretty good insight into marijunana. You should definitely check it out.

  7. It is a double whammy.
    1. lowers sperm count and penis effectiveness
    2. destroys brain cells.

  8. for one it does not lower your brain cells..
    it paralysis them, it does not kill them..
    and second..
    it does not necessarily lower sperm count..
    it just increases the chance of someone becoming sterile..
    and that is only if you smoke with the seeds..

  9. not anymore than smokeing cigarettes does. Personally speaking i know ALOT of guys that smoke regulary and they all have kids. If you are young then you produce alot of sperm anyway. Like i said weed doesnt kill sperm anymore than cigs do.

  10. Not so sure about sperm count but it does cause problems achieving and maintaining erections.

  11. YES it does, BUT…
    It only lowers it a small percentage, and unless you have a low sperm count to begin with, there is almost no difference.
    So, do not use marijuana as a form of birth control, there is still a lot of sperm available to fertilize the egg.

  12. I have a friend. He is 42 years old, smoked pot all his life, most of the day every day. He still smokes less frequently but he loves the 'erb man. No shit, he has one bollock. Lost the other when he was young and he just keeps having babies, three so far, well his wife does anyway, and yes they are all the dead spit of him. Make your own conclusion.

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