Does smoking menthol cigarettes decreases sperm count?

Does smoking menthol cigarettes decreases sperm count?

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  1. Smoking causes lung cancer.
    Lung cancer causes death.
    Death does indeed decrease your sperm count.

  2. No, but it increases your chances of heart disease which narrows your blood arteries to your penis. Which potently means you wont have to worry about sperm count because your ding dong wont get hard any more.

  3. sorry i disargue with that cause me and my babydaddy both smokes and we have been smoking for a long time and we have eight kids so the problem is not smoking i hope this helps u out

  4. as menthol cigarettes are cigarettes that contain nicotine – and because nicotine decreases sperm count, menthol cigarettes decrease sperm count.

  5. No it does not affect anything on your penis. It is very fine. Smoking just effects your organs excluding penis.

    -Forever Ham!

  6. Absolutely not! I am a 45 year old gay man. I've been smoking kools since I was 16 years old. I never had a problem with sperm count. I'm no doctor or medical expert, but I can tell you that I myself, have never had a problem with sperm count from smoking.

    But a pack of cigarettes lasts me for 3 days. Do you smoke a pack or more per day? That could cause a rapid heartbeat and maybe cause heart problems. But reduce sperm count? I doubt it, especially if you're under 30.

  7. it's the toxins in the smoke that lower sperm count, not the flavor. So in short, Yes.

  8. Dr. Robert Rice, menthol cigarettes means cigarettes that contains mint-like substances and has absolutely nothing to do with nicotine.

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