Does penis size have anything to do with sperm count?

Does penis size have anything to do with sperm count?

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I was watching some porn and noticed most guys with small junk don't have that large of a count, but big guys (if you know what i mean) have huge loads. Can anyone help me with this?


  1. The big guys probably saving it up for the face shot, the other small guy probably pops off a lot.

  2. nope has nothing to do with it at all the longer you go With out sex the more of a "load" you will have but has nothing to do with the count

  3. the amount of seamen and your sperm count are not related… semen is produced in the prostate and is simply the mode of transportation for sperm to travel… if you want to increase your amount of ejaculate try drinking tons of water,,, it's all i pretty much drink 95% of the time and i drink like 2 gallons a day, i kid you not…

  4. The volume of the semen ejaculated has absolutely nothing to do with sperm count.

    Sperm cells are very tiny, and although there are millions of them in an ejaculation, they only have a very small volume.

    The size of the penis has nothing to do with either the sperm count or the semen ejaculated. Sperm are produced in the testes, and semen is a mixture of fluids produced by the prostate, Cowper's glands, and other fluids.

    Porn "actors" save up for a few days to increase the volume of the ejaculate before the scene is filmed.

    Real life is not the same as porn flix.

  5. A huge load does not automatically mean a huge sperm count:and that is the other way around too.
    So:do not worry.

  6. I have been with a LOT of guys, and I have been with a lot of well endowed guys.

    I don't care what anyone says. Guys with bigger cocks do have bigger amounts of semen in each orgasm. I don't know if they have a larger sperm count, but logically they should, as penis size is directly linked to testosterone levels and virility.

  7. Sperm fluid contains lot of millions of sperms floating around. You don't need worry about that. one sperm is enough for birth of child. If you want to make your hood bigger go and try some penis enlargement exercises and pills program.

  8. No, there is no correlation between size and volume of sperm!
    Guys in porn are usually chosen because of their excessive size and or the amount they shoot, they are very much the exception!
    most guys are 5-6" and shoot a teaspoonful.

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