Does Not Wearing Underwear Raise Your Sperm Count?

increase low sperm count

I was wondering if going "commando" really raises your sperm count. And if there are any other ways to raise your sperm count.


  • not wearing draws what increases testosterone
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10 Responses to Does Not Wearing Underwear Raise Your Sperm Count?

  1. Shawn C says:


    Shawn C.

  2. Charlie M. says:

    Well, it does according to Seinfeld.

  3. Logan A says:

    i have to say yes

  4. carlitos says:


  5. Maria G says:

    Heat kills sperm, which isn't a problem for most men because
    there are millions of the little swimmers in the count.
    Boxer shorts are better then briefs.

  6. Chris H says:


  7. Brad says:

    Ha, well believe it or not, it actually does. Talk about a win-win situation!

  8. Speedierman52 says:

    No your sperm count will always remain the same unless your are wearing ridiculously tight underwear the prohibts proper testicular ventilation.

  9. 1574 says:

    I've heard it does. But if you wear loose boxer shorts, thats exactly the same. But it hides your privates.

  10. NOt Me says:

    Yes. However, not significant. The Myth that briefs lowers your sperm count is true, but extremely insignificant.

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