does masterbution reduce sperm count?

increase low sperm count

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10 Responses to does masterbution reduce sperm count?

  1. AJ says:

    excessive use of it can reduce otherwise no just use beams and seeds

  2. MC21 says:

    no, ur body will make more of it. and thats not how u spell it, its spelled MASTURBATION. u got that.

  3. Dar says:

    At the time, yes. But just until your body makes more. It’s not a permanent occurrence. It’s not like you can run out.

  4. Derek J says:

    masturbation does reduce sperm count, the more you ejaculate the lower sperm count is present in that ejaculate. however after 3-4 days sperm count returns back to normal, so don’t worry,

    if you’re asking this question because you & your partner if you have one, want to conceive, then don’t masturbate, instead save you sperms for baby making.

  5. l a v i n a says:

    If you do it 8 times a day , your bound to run out but wait a couple days and you’ll nut enough to make a tuna sandwich

  6. Milly says:

    masturbation is actually supposed to be good for guys i heard

  7. zackbarrett says:

    No, and no reason it would, just solo sex– ejaculation by hand instead of by intercourse. You produce about 200,000 sperm cells per minute, 24/7 so you don’t run out. You might run out of semen for a half hour or so if you have multiple ejaculations over a couple of hours, but that’s just like running out of saliva– your glands can only produce so much semen on demand and then they have to recharge– but your sperm cells are always there ready to be mixed with the semen.

  8. Tommy says:

    no it doesn’t.. relax

  9. bgphtck says:

    well i know i lose a whole lot of em when i come…but i always seem to have a lot lol so i’d say no

  10. GOKU says:

    yes but it you get even more very fast so don’t worry

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