does masterbation cuase low sperm count?

does masterbation cuase low sperm count?

increase low sperm count

i usually masturbate at least twice a day and i was wondering if it does?


  1. Only temporarily, for a couple days. If you want to make a child, just lay off for a few days and the count comes back.

  2. i asked my doctor..he said twice daily is completly normal because your sperm is being replenished constantly but 5 and more is bad for you

  3. Unless you have something wrong with your testicles, you can never run out of sperm or semen. However if you masturbte a lot in one day it might not ejaculate as much as usual. But by the morning your sperm will pretty much be all back, considering you get like 8 hours of sleep. But you do not need to be asleep to make more sperm/semen.

  4. For all intents and purposes, "no". There may be a small reduction in the numbers as your body does take some time to replenish the little critters, but you would have to do it almost non-stop for it to make any real difference, and even a small amount of sperm can cause a pregnancy. So if you are thinking of the M-word as a means of birth control, you have another think coming as well as a possible child in your future.

    On the other hand, I just noticed that you did not state your gender. Female masturbation does absolutely nothing for sperm count!!!

  5. Nope. From puberty to death (even if you lived to be 100!) your body will continue produce sperm. The older you get, the less likely you are to produce fertile sperm, but it will still be in the body. But no, masturbation is healthy, and wont affect sperm count, fertility etc

  6. No. Many scientists believe that masturbation can improve sperm quality. The optimum abstention period before trying to impregnate a woman is about two days. If it has been less than two days since your last ejaculation, your sperm count is apt to be lower than normal.

    However, as your time since last ejaculation increases past two days, both your semen and your sperm get to be of lower quality. The fluids that make up semen get old inside the body, and this is why ejaculate produced after a long abstinence period is more yellow and less white. The sperm that come out after that long are also older and not in as good condition for conception. Thus, masturbating every two days (assuming you can't have intercourse at that interval) is good for your sperm and semen quality. However, you don't want to be maintaining your current masturbatory frequency of twice a day when you're trying to conceive.

  7. Masterbating does not lower sperm count. In fact it’s much better to masterbate frequently when trying to have a child. If a male goes long periods of time without masterbating it may even affect the child in many ways when he/she is born.

    For instance, the child will most likely not be very good in sports, can possibly become more attracted to the same sex, and will have a lower IQ than most. I suggest masterbating as much as possible. Even up to 5 times a day if you can.

  8. Im about to go sell sperm, and the place says to be abstinent for about 5 days, can/should i still masturbate during that 5 days?

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