Does drinking too much milk lower fertility in men?

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Somebody told me this recently and I was wondering if it was actually true or not. I've never heard anyone mention it before until now, so it makes me suspicious. Can drinking too much milk weaken sperm? And if so, why?


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7 Responses to Does drinking too much milk lower fertility in men?

  1. ?mR. iNSULT? says:

    I highly doubt it..probably just another myth people like to make up for no reason, like saying Mountain Dew kills sperm..and giving oral sex whitens teeth..retards

  2. wall_coatings says:

    i drink milk everyday and i have 7 children

  3. Bob says:

    I know that milk has hormones, antibiotics, casein which is used for glue, and it creates mucous inside the human body. You will find your answer if you go to the web site NOTMILK. When you research milk you will find that dairy is not good for the body. I stopped drinking milk 2 years ago and now supplement. If there is anyone else that views this answer please go to this site because the information will freak you out.

  4. Oleander says:

    No, no food whatsoever, including milk, can weaken your sperm. Yellow 5, a very trace ingredient in yellow colored foods and drinks, can lower sperm production, but it takes you drinking about 5 gallons of pure Yellow 5 a day to see any effect. Milk will only server to strengthen your bones, but it also is high in cholesterol, much like many other dairy products. Soy products, however, you must be careful of, especially if you're a boy before and around puberty. Soy is high in estrogen, and regular intake prior to and during puberty can really mess up the body's hormone system. So stay away from Soy until you are at least 25.

  5. Achmed A says:

    Remember, milk comes from cows. Also remember, that cows nowadays are being injected with growth hormones to speed their rate of growth. These hormones are then secreted back into the milk which you drink, so yes…milk can definitely affect your sperm.
    That's why I drink rice milk.

  6. Toxified Halo.~ x] says:

    It most certainly cannot, but i assure you that some ingredient in mountain dew will lower your sperm, causing your penis to get smaller

  7. Alexander. says:

    No, I don't think so. I drink a lot of milk during the day. I drink fat free milk so I dont gain weight. And as in regards, of reducing how fit you are. I would not be 100% sure because I'm still virgin.


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