does cycling cause infertility in men?

increase low sperm count

i'm 28 years old, and i bike around 40 kilometers twice or thrice a week. i ride a cross-country hardtail mountain bike.

a friend of mine who also cycles said that riding regularly causes temporary infertility in men. according to him, this is caused by the constant impact from the seat and the heat caused by the friction between the groin area and the legs. is this true?


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5 Responses to does cycling cause infertility in men?

  1. Diet & Fitness says:

    Very unlikely
    The friction is likely to cause a rash and maby soreness but not infertility.Id tell your friend to do a little reasearch.

  2. claustrophobicfoetus says:

    It is a possibility, but it is very much the exception rather than the rule. Many professional cyclists have in fact been able to father children.

  3. Jimmy S says:

    I think he may be confusing infertility with impotence, tho I guess it sounds like splitting hairs. But not really.

    There has been a lot of hype about constant saddle pressure on penial nerves causing temporary impotence. Most likely there have been some incidences of this among hard core cyclist, but it's been blown way out of proportion. Did lead to development of the cut out saddle.

    Never heard of actual infertility, lack of sperm production, being caused by cycling. That would make no sense physiologically.

  4. solvent says:

    So lucky your friend share his opinion with you

    First, the mountain bike cycling route can cause such injutry (the reason I only cycle road bike)

    Next, the road bike allows the cyclists' legs to carry most of his weight, so the impotence-prone impact injury can be avoided

    Further, the regular blood-sugar regulating/lowering by the cycling efforts should improve fertility

  5. mtlbiker says:

    Old wives tale. I regularly cycle with guys who are in the habit of riding hundreds of kilometers per week. All the married ones are fathers, the unmarried ones won't comment

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