Does Coffee help or hinder a mans fertility?

Does Coffee help or hinder a mans fertility?

increase low sperm count

I hear that drinking coffee can help speed up up a mans sperm! so if they have slow moving sperm by drinking coffee before baby dancing it will help the little swimmers make it to where they need to go! But does it also affect the amount of sperm produced? Thanks in advance!!


  1. I don't think it really affects their sperm in a bad way. I have also read that it energizes the sperm. How cute. The sperm are on a caffeine high! Haha!! =) Even they need their java. ANYWAYS!

    It's women that needs to moderate their caffeine intake as it can cause infertility if you drink too much!

  2. if it hinders, then I'm screwed! :) my DH drinks coffee like it's going outta style! hehehe…seriously, I don't think it can have that much effect on his little army men…or women…:) Much baby dust~!!!

  3. Caffeine is bad for a man's sperm. I highly recommend that he doesn't drink a lot of things with caffeine in them. I don't know if it affects how fast or slow the sperm swim up there, but I do know that it can reduce the count considerably.

  4. I actually read that your man drinkin a cup of coffee before you BD, does speed up his swimmers…I also heard that this gives the male sperm have a better chance of reaching the egg!

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