Does ciggarate smoking cause male infertility? Rather reduce sperm count?

Does ciggarate smoking cause male infertility? Rather reduce sperm count?

increase low sperm count

I got married in August 1999 when I was a moderate smoker. My wife failed to conceive until January 2001. This happened after I made a new year resolution that from January 2001 I will quit smoking and true it happened. Hence my first daugther was born in October. But in March 2002, I started smoking again up to now. In March 2005 we decided with my wife that she quits contaceptives so that we get our second born but she has failed to conceive to date. She has been examined for fibroids but the results were negative. I too was requested to be examined but am afraid. That is why am associating smoking with male infertility.


  1. smoking weed may have that effect but I don't think ciggs will cause that. I was a heavy smoker when I knocked up my wife both times. Smoking during puberty could result in a little penis though, at least that's the propaganda.

  2. Why are you afraid?
    Go get the test.
    You're one kid ahead of many others that can't have a family.
    Relax enjoy it will happen.

  3. Cigarette smoking could cause problems with your sperm. But if you have a normal, healthy count then it shouldn't be enough to cause infertility. My husband is a smoker and we had a semen analysis done which came back just fine. I think cigarettes definitely won't help you conceive, and it wouldn't hurt to quit, but it's probably not the cause of why your wife is not getting pregnant.

  4. Smoking can decrease male sperm counts. I don't have a specific source, but I've heard that so many times I can't even count. Even on the websites for TTC, they recommend both parties to quit smoking. Another fun fact (and again, I don't remember my source, but it was a good one), about 75% of Viagra users are smokers. Since smoking can effect your circulation, it can cause problems with erections. Think about that, too.

  5. Yes, it can cause male infertility and low sperm count. That is one of the first things that RE's ask.

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