Does caffeine affect fertility in men?

Does caffeine affect fertility in men?

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Does caffeine affect fertility in men? I’ve read that women who are trying should give up caffeine and I have for months, but my husband hasn’t – is that a problem? should he? is it affecting his sperm? or doesn’t it matter for men?


  1. Yes, the more caffeine they have the more sperm they make (it’s all those beans you see).

  2. Meh. Caffeine isn’t that HUGE of a deal. You can actually have up to 200 milligrams a day while pregnant,and this is considered safe. Good thing because many women experience headaches during pregnancy,and a bit of caffeine can actually help with that.

  3. There are no studies that support fertility issues in men who drink caffeine. However, men who drink a pot or more a day often have other unhealthy habits which can affect fertility. In addition, a lot of caffeine can affect the absorption of some important vitamins.

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