Do men lose their fertility as they age?

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do men lose their sperm count as they get older?


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7 Responses to Do men lose their fertility as they age?

  1. YedidNefesh says:

    think it depends on the man
    i think actor Anthony Quinn fathered a child at age 83

  2. xo xo gossip girl says:

    i dont know maybe

  3. Proud Mommy says:

    Yes, but some men’s fertility is so high that you would never know that to be a truth as they can still father in their older age. Just remember the basic….millions of sperm per dance….only one for life!

  4. sally says:

    Yes , and their sexual performance suffers , too .
    in other words they

    “Spend all night trying to do what they used to do all night “.

  5. Curious says:

    They don’t loose fertility throughout their life,However the capability to perform reduces with age and especially depending on ones lifestyle.
    So if a man lives a healthy lifestyle he will always be able to reproduce.
    Our bodies offcourse have cycles there are times you will be at the peak depending on age etc.

  6. back from the dead says:

    Men maintain their fertility most of their lives.

  7. T/O/M says:

    Depends on the person. Every body is different. Some sooner, some later.

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