Could popping pills affect a man’s fertility?

Could popping pills affect a man’s fertility?

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I am devastated… My bf and I have been trying to get pregnant and I recently found out that he takes all kinds of pills as drugs.. the name of one I know he takes for sure is roxis.. So I was wondering if that could effect his fertility?


  1. Yes, medications can harm fertility. No offense, but if your bf is popping pills I do not think that he is a goof candidate for father hood.

  2. I think you should be more concerned about his drug use than trying to have kids for now. And yes, his fertility could be affected, depending on what he’s using.

  3. umm…yes it could but i think you should get him some help first. My best friends aunt is 8 months pregnant now and her fiancee died two months ago from drug overdose. She didnt even kno he took them. You dont want to be pregnant and loose the father. And by the way roxis are BAD!!! people on crack get roxis if they cant get crack. Get him some help fast. He must not have been on it long because you should have noticed it. But to answer your question yes…any drug can affect fertility. Get him help now! Good luck

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