Can frequent masturbation affects male fertility?

Can frequent masturbation affects male fertility?

increase low sperm count

I need some enlightenment about ejaculation. I have red in an article that sperms needs 60 to 70 days to be matured and to fertilize an egg cell. If you are masturbating daily and you sex on the next day (and you come inside). Can this sperm fertilize the egg? Thank you for your true and good replies.


  1. Depends on how strong and mature the sperms are. In both females and males, masturbation is really good, for it strengthens the muscles of the genitals, meaning its able to perform better and stronger than unpracticed ones.

  2. yes it can, in a good way if anything.
    There's no way you need to go 60-70 days. That's absurd. Most men ejaculate (and are built to) every 1-2 days. Yes she can get pregnant.

  3. Your "factory' manufactures sperm cells every day and is ready to fertilize an egg within 24 hours. Every day it 'manufactures millions
    of sperm cells to insure that mankind will multiply rapidly.

  4. The fact is that if you're doing it once daily (or more), you're likely to produce less sperm and more seminal fluid, but the sperm you do produce will still be viable enough to fertilize an egg.

    You are correct about the 60-70 days for sperm to mature, but bear in mind that the sperm aren't waiting around in your scrote playing cards and drinking beer until they're called upon to do their job. In fact, your testes are manufacturing sperm daily, but it takes 60-70 days for the sperm to leave your testes and be in the "ready phase". Since you're constantly producing sperm, there are always news ones coming off the "manufacturing line".

    As a result, yes it's possible for these sperm to fertilize an egg, because they are mature enough to do so, as soon as they come off the manufacturing line, although there will be fewer of them to make the attempt, because you've already spent their cousins who were standing by for the next spooge-fest.

  5. Well you have to realize that untill the sperm are mature they won't be released durring an ejaculation. And I don't know any man who's body can go 60-70 days without ejaculating somehow whether it's from sex, masturbation, or a wet dream but that point.

    Studies have shown that frequency of ejaculation DO effect sperm quality. It's not fair to say masturbation effects anything because masturbation doesn't do anything. It's the ejaculation. Your body doesn't know that you are masturbating, for all it knows you are having sex, your body doesn't have the ability to recognize what is masturbating and what is sex it's simply responding to a stimulus. So masturbation doesn't effect jack, it's frequency of ejaculation.
    Studies have shown that men who ejaculate more frequently have a better quality sperm. They have less mutated sperm and a larger supply of healthy sperm. Your sperm count isn't effected at all, but the quality of it is.

    Also studies also show that men who ejaculate 21 times per month or more are less likley to get prostate cancer as well.


  6. That sperm COULD fertilize the egg, but the odds are greater when it has built-up for a few days prior to release.

    Daily masturbation actually decreases sperm count… the fluid may be the same (that depends on the mans hydration), but it's the sperm that creates pregnancy. That's why fertility clinics advise men to not release sperm in any way a few days before trying to impregnate his partner for pregnancy purposes.

  7. I was afraid of what i have been doing, But after reading this, the truth is im a man and i can fertilise a woman’s egg. To add on masturbation makes one to more healthy more productive and it makes one to be more sexually active. I have done it and now im planning to get married after i have finish my college. My brother if you are doing it i will only request you to reduce the number to once in a week and that will be enough for you. bye

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